Note of Commendment to Chiropractic Center of West Greenwich

Recently I had a back injury that put my body and spirit flat out, couldn't sit, lie down, nor walk upright. I called Chiropractic Center of West Greenwich to help me. The phone rang and I heard Janet on the other end stating, "Chiropractic Center of West Greenwich this is Janet may I help you," spoken through total sincerity. As she heard the pain in my voice, she stated come right in, Dr. Morrissette wouldn't want you in pain, and she didn't. She made for me twice a day between her other treatments of all ages, from the smallest children to the elderly, providing a benefit to any ailment. She walked in my exam room and she really listened to the areas of my pain with total compassion. She treated me with her gentle hands to avoid more pain. She began a plan of recovery just at that time. She brought me down to Kathy for my heat and electrode therapy. Kathy's greeting words are always "And how are you today?," not just with her words but with her heart. She does everything in her power to assist your comfort; peeking behind the curtain to be sure you're all right through the conclusion of the visit. I returned to Janet at the front desk, who works the schedule 6 days a week to meet the needs of not only me but my daughter's schedule, where her concerns are also extended. On Thursday's, I had my visits with the covering staff. Carol, at the front desk, with her pleasant greeting and focus on keeping the schedule on time, sending me down to Dr. Bruno who really lent a caring ear to my voice of limits for her treatment. Then I concluded with Penny, for the heat therapy, who gives you a future incentive through her exercise lifestyle, as she knows my passion that I had missed. And of course, I must mention Rosemary, who you rarely see, but her office has an open door for any financial documents you need for insurance purposes to meet your home life obligations. She greets you with a smile from behind her computer and puts everything aside to retrieve your information for immediate processing. The entire office functions with such a devoted team effort. After one month, I am now approaching my total recovery. I realize it wasn't only the physical treatment I had at Dr. Morrissette's office, but the spiritual treatment as well from everyone in the office. My daughter frequently attended my visits and to her this was a pleasure in such a friendly environment. She said, "I haven't seen Dr. Morrissette in a while", anticipating another friendly conversation. When we are exiting the office one day, I stated to her, "I have been seeing this office staff more then our family" and she replied, "Mom they are your family" and through the eyes of my child, that is how she has seen them; caring, compassionate, and concerned just like a family to her mom.

A Thank You from me to Dr. Morrissette and your staff!


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